Silk Care

Cozysilk duvets and bed linen are made using only the finest quality longfibre mulberry silk. Because of
this they are less susceptible to bacteria and the cleaning requirements are far less than those of a
conventional duvet or bed linen.

All our silk bed linen is machine washable – just follow these simple instructions.

Silk Bed Linen

Machine wash or hand wash at 30°C using a gentle, nonbiological detergent specially created for washing
silk. Hang up to dry and iron your silk bed linen while slightly damp, using a Cool iron on the inside setting.
Always iron on the inside.

Do not tumble-dry silk, and never bleach or use any kind of bleaching agent. Bleach damages the silk fiber
and will destroy silk bed linen.

Silk Duvets and Silk Pillows

Your silk-filled duvets and pillows will not need cleaning if you air them regularly each season to keep them fresh.

To air them, place your duvet or pillow in indirect sunlight for a few hours each season. This will revive the silk
and help it to retain its lightness and fluffiness and also renew its insulating properties.

Silk naturally repels dust, dirt, dust mites, moths, mildew and odours so many silk experts recommend not cleaning
silk duvets and pillows at all. If cleaning is really necessary, (for example if something has been spilled on it)
we recommend professional dry cleaning only. Do not hand wash or machine wash your duvets or silk pillows
as this will flatten the silk loft and reduce its natural benefits

We recommend you use a removable washable duvet cover or pillow cover to protect your duvets and pillows.
When not using your silk duvets and pillows, store them flat in a cool dry place in the bag provided.

Silk Blankets

Dry clean only.

Silk Nightwear

Hand wash cool, machine washable at 30℃ using mild silk detergent. Cool tumble dry or air dry.

Although our silk can be washed by hand or washing machine, dry cleaning of finest quality of silk extends
its life and protects its natural beauty.

Silk Eye Masks

Machine wash at 30℃ using gentle silk detergent or hand wash. Air dry and cool iron on the inside.

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